Calling all families!!


Your children have been using Tales Toolkit at school to create lots of fantastic, imaginative stories! Here’s a film with a little more info about Tales Toolkit.
With us all staying at home, supporting the NHS and the spread of Coronavirus we’ve decided to create a website for our members with some resources for you to use at home.

Stories and play are important for all sorts of reasons, helping children to share ideas and compromise, as well as to develop their creativity and imagination.
And of course, Tales Toolkit stories also help children understand more about problem solving, which can come in handy in all sorts of situations — everything from school work to sibling conflict! — as well as helping them be more confident and independent.

Difficult times

In these difficult and unprecedented times, it’s also important to remember that play can bring connection with others, talking, and giggles, all of which are excellent stress relievers, for both your child AND you!

Making stories is a fun activity, and has all sorts of good developmental stuff for your child too!